Spanish classes learn from multicultural speaker


Courtesy of Mallin Hernandez

Spanish II students got to listen to a speaker who has lived all over the world. He talked about his life in various countries and how he came to teach in Texas.

Lauren Payne, Staff Reporter

After learning for weeks about immigration around the world and in their home country,  Spanish II students got the chance to hear about the life of an immigrant from a unique perspective on Tuesday.

Samuel Manickam, an associate Spanish professor at the University of North Texas, came to talk to students about his journey as an immigrant and how he came to teach in Texas.

“Señor Manickam was one of my professors in college,” Spanish I teacher Rachelle Scarola said.  “One of our lessons in class right now is immigration, and I thought having him come speak would be a great experience for Spanish students. He’s lived in India, Thailand, Turkey, Mexico, and now the United States, and he speaks four different languages. He had lots of stories and cultural information to share with everyone.”

Spanish III and IV students also attended Manickam’s presentation.

“I think it was really neat to hear a presentation all in Spanish, which was different from class where we do speak all Spanish, but our teacher puts everything on our level,” sophomore Miranda Perry said. “It was a good challenge to try to translate and understand someone who teaches the language at the college level and speaks so quickly compared to us all.”

During his presentation, Manickam stressed the importance of traveling and knowing world cultures to students.

“He told us about all the places he’s been to, and it really makes me want to got to new places and meet new people,” freshman Faith Ortegon said. “He decided to learn Spanish when he was in his late 20s, and I think it really inspired us all that we’re given a head start compared to where he was, and that one day we’ll be able to become fluent too.”