The nutrition staff makes a fashion statement


Izzy Valenzuela

In the past few weeks, the lunch staff have received new uniforms to create a more professional appearance.

Meghan Riddle, Staff Reporter

They cook hundreds of meals for students every day and now they are doing it while making a fashion statement. The nutritional services employees have new uniforms and enjoy a change after wearing scrubs for many years.

“We were looking for a new and exciting change,” nutritional services manager Jackie Polovik said. “We have worn scrubs for the past nine years when the school was open. We got a new director, and he came up with this new idea and wanted to make some changes. These new uniforms are more comfortable to wear than the others were, and now we have hats. I think that these are more fashionable, and I feel like it makes us appear more professional. We are now dressed more like chefs and cooks that you would see in a restaurant. We are cooks, so it is nice to feel like one instead of wearing scrubs.”

The employees believe that their new uniforms are more appropriate for their occupation.

“We love our new uniforms,” nutritional services employee Emma Silva said. “We feel comfortable in them. I didn’t like the old uniforms because we used to look like nurses. Now when I go out after work, people know that I work for lovejoy because it is imprinted on our uniforms.”

Not all of the employees wanted the new uniforms at first, but now, they are glad that there was a change in their apparel.

“I think the uniforms are cute,” nutritional services employee Toshi Lindsey said. “We didn’t come up with the idea to get new uniforms. It wasn’t like it has always been our dream to have them, but now, we are really excited about them. At first, we didn’t really want them because we didn’t feel like they were necessary, but now, we all think that they look really nice.”