Gift cards for charity


Stu Mair

Through April 5, Cotton Patch Cafe is offering patrons the chance to donate to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. The purchase of a $25 gift card corresponds to a $25 donation to the hospital.

Izzy Valenzuela, Staff Reporter

Cotton Patch Café in the Villages at Allen is doing what it can to help the community. The chain restaurant is pairing with the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and offering a $25 gift card for a $25 donation made through the children’s hospital website.

In the eight plus years, the program has raised more than $678,500 with donations accepted until April 5.

“Being involved in community efforts is important to Cotton Patch Café and our employees,” Cotton Patch Café CEO Kathy Nelson said on their website. “We’re proud to support the efforts of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and want to help make a difference for Texas families.”

For students, a $25 gift card is worth a $25 donation.

“I will definitely go there because I already like the food and I like that if I donate then I can get a free meal,” sophomore Noelle Franz said.

To help customers make a connection with the cause, The Cotton Patch website also features the stories of three children currently being treated at the hospital.

“I love that they show us who we’re helping by donating our money, that makes it all more worth it,” junior Justin Malik said.

Cotton Patch’s 45 different locations individually choose charities, causes, and organizations that they feel are benefitting society each year.

“I like that they support all different charities,” math teacher Justin Kauffman said. “It’s really cool that they do that because not very many other restaurants donate money.”