Chemistry creates olympians


Taylor Bravo

Students competed in the Chemistry Olympiad this past Sat., March 7 which involved a 60 questions written test to test their AP and Pre-AP chemistry skills.

Lauren Payne, Student Life Editor

Students in varying levels of chemistry competed at the local level Chemistry Olympiad Saturday, March 7, a first for the school.

“We don’t have the results yet because the process of compiling everyone’s scores takes a while, so we won’t know exactly how we did for another couple weeks,” advisor and chemistry teacher Jason Taylor said.

The competition was a 60 question written test, and students were given two hours to take it.

“The test was over all levels of chemistry,” Taylor said. “Pre AP, AP, and even some organic chemistry. Obviously the AP students have a huge advantage over the pre AP students, considering the amount they’ve learned and at the level they’ve learned.”

Sixteen students competed, majority in AP chemistry with only two pre AP students.

“All the students seemed okay with it, and a couple of them seemed pretty confident,” Taylor said. “I think we did alright, and if we didn’t, we’ll know how to get ourselves ready for next year.”