Winter storm causes district closure


Jillian Sanders

Wood piles left out overnight now have hard layers of ice and icicles embedded into the tops of the wood.

Michelle Stoddart, Managing Editor

With North Texas under a winter storm warning until 6:00 p.m. Monday and an expected accumulation of from one to two inches of sleet, the Lovejoy ISD has decided to close all schools and district offices on Monday.

The move to cancel school more than 12 hours before the start of class on Monday is a result of following a prescribed protocol.

“For a storm system that might come through during the evening hours and into the morning, there are two options: call a 2-hour delay or cancel school,” the district website says. “This is determined, again, by watching the news forecast and predicting whether the storm will remain in the area to negatively impact getting buses out on time or will remain in the area throughout the next day.”

Due to the weather system in the area, the district’s decision mirrors that of many other districts closing in the area. Most students are grateful the weather has led to a three day weekend.

“I think it’s nice,” sophomore Jensyn Caton said. “It gives me an extra day to relax and get caught up on school work.”

Despite the fact that many staff and students are looking forward to school being closed, some people thought the district should have held off on making a decision.

“I think they canceled school too early,” senior Jacob Comerford said. “They should have waited for the roads to fully freeze over before canceling.”