Best little food places in Allen

One of the most popular hole in the wall restaurants in Allen, Maxs Donuts is a local favorite.

Courtesy of Yelp

One of the most popular hole in the wall restaurants in Allen, Max’s Donuts is a local favorite.

Michelle Leddon , Staff Reporter

Although Allen and Fairview are full of chain restaurants, there are still a few restaurants which have a more local, hole in the wall vibe that helps maintain the small town atmosphere. Although a few of them are easy to brush aside and ignore, they are all rather delicious in their own way.t

  1. La Finca Chiquita (107 North Butler Drive)- La Finca is some of the best Mexican food in Allen. Their prices are reasonable, the chips are fresh and the meals are great. Although it has a few flaws, such as how crammed the space is, it’s a favorite if you don’t want to face the potential nausea after eating Taco Bell or the potential emptiness of your wallet after going somewhere like Mi Cocina.
  2. Chicago Pizza Pizzeria (410 N Greenville Ave #108)- This local Italian spot has everything from calzones to sandwiches to pastas and to, as expected, pizza. Chicago Pizza Pizzeria was voted Allen’s best pizza in 2013, and it’s clear when you bite into their delicious pizza when you’re not in the mood for something along the lines of Pizza Hut or Papa John’s.
  3. Stacy’s Chinese Express (1546 East Stacy Road #200)- Stacy’s Chinese Express’ best quality is without a doubt the fact that they deliver. There are very few Chinese restaurants in the area that do, and this is a great choice for delivery. There are so many different choices on their menu for those that want a spicy kick or those that enjoy the blander options, and the location is convenient and quick.
  4. Frogg Coffee Bar & Creperie (832 Market Street)- Although this cafe might seem a bit more “mainstream” because it’s located in Watters Creek, it still gives off a lovely vibe and the food is near perfect. They have dinner and dessert crepes, and wonderful options including the Earl Grey tea “London Fog” and delicious lattes. The prices are reasonable, the atmosphere is homey, and the food and beverages are delicious.
  5. Max’s Donuts (105 North Greenville Avenue)- This may be an obvious choice to some, but Max’s Donuts is the perfect local classic in Allen. It is without a doubt the best place to purchase donuts in the area, which is clear due to its popularity in the mornings. Max’s Donuts is essential to Allen.