Student Council sponsors Green Week


Taylor Bravo

This week is Green Week, there have been things measures such as reduced lighting usage and teaching students environmental factors.

Izzy Valenzuela, Staff Reporter

The following story has been updated to correct information in the original post. The version of this article posted earlier incorrectly identified the school’s Environmental Club as the sponsor of Green Week. The Red Ledger apologizes for this mistake.

Earth Day isn’t for a couple of months, but here on campus it’s Green Week as Student Council is spreading awareness about the environment across campus.

“Student Council hopes to raise important questions about how each individual can do their part in preserving the environment as well as informing the student body and school about the environment,” Student Council president Ben Prengler said.

Green Week came as a result of Student Council members wanting to encourage their peers to make a difference.

“The idea came last year in an attempt to raise awareness of how to be environmentally responsible and to help educate students about how to be environmentally responsible,” Prengler said.

Student Council is also thinking of new ways to help students realize they can help change the environment.

“In the future we hope to do spirit days and have different activities that students can get involved in and enjoy,” Student Council member Tate Thompson said.

Getting their peers to think about the environment is one of the main goals of Green Week.

“Green Week is a way to spread awareness throughout the school,” Thompson said. “We are trying to inform students of ways that they can help make a difference in the environment.”