14 Days of Love 2015

14 Days of Love 2015

Leading up to Valentine’s Day (and the day after), The Red Ledger will feature a different couple every day that talks about how they met and what it means to be in a relationship.

February 1: Mark Scott and Jessica Goodrich

February 2: Adam Chovan and Ashley Fahey

February 3: Jerad King and Lindsay Haden

February 4: Brandon Provence and Holly Routesky

February 5: Cooper Strand and Madison Campbell

February 6: Grady Wells and Kallie Killingsworth

February 7: Griffin McCutcheon and Maria Tabakis

February 8: Bryce Branch and Emily Ottinger

February 9: Chase Tucker and Emmaline Stockton

February 10: Ben  Carder and Avery Arellano

February 11: Austin VanWagoner and Haley Chamberlain 

February 12: Max Anderson and Maya Ellison

February 13: Scott Kelley and Jaden Jostrand/Chris Prudhomme and Kendall Berger

February 14: Justin Kauffman and Erin McClanahan

February 15 (the day after): Cason Kelly and Olivia Whitehead