Resident Evil is a job well done

Ah, Resident Evil. The beginning of all zombie survival horror games came from humble beginnings on the original Playstation in 1996, developed and published by Japanese company, Capcom. This year, the great job done on the original Resident Evil HD Remake might change the awful reputation this series have gained. In the last few years, both the Resident Evil and Capcom names have been less than loved. The likes of atrocities like Resident Evil: Raccoon City and the constant sub-par cash in games released by Capcom have almost ruined the trademarks. In comes Resident Evil HD Remake to save the day.

Resident Evil was first remade in 2002 for the GameCube, but now the game is even better. Players can choose to play the game in its original resolution and controls or the new remastered HD, while taking control of one of two characters: Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield. On PC the game can now be run at over 60 FPS, any resolutions except 4K, and players can change some other graphic options that don’t really affect the game all that much in the long run.

The graphics aren’t anything special, but they are definitely an improvement from the Playstation and GameCube versions. The voice acting is clear and sounds modern, but it could be better with some emotion expressed by the voice actors. Sometimes, in a moment of peril, characters sound dull and bored as zombies come rushing at them.

Plot on the other hand, is anything but dull. There are puzzles, mazes, and also the constant hunt for items that keep players busy, as well as the always present threat of enemies jumping out from any corner.

This game is a must buy for any hardcore Resident Evil fan or even for gamers wanting to get into this great series. It is stable on all platforms, and is definitely recommended at its $20 price.

Platforms: PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC

Reviewed on: PC