Taylor’s journey to teaching


Taylor Bravo

Junior Will Wise looks on as Jason Taylor teaches his AP chemistry students during first period.

Lauren Payne, Staff Reporter

“When I was in college, studying engineering, and working, I realized there was a gap between what I was taught in school and what I needed to know,” chemistry and AP environment teacher Jason Taylor said. “Also, I thought about how much better my college experience would have been if I had been better prepared.”

Post college, Taylor moved to India for his work, and found it very different than life in the states.

“I was living in India working as an engineer for an oil company,” Taylor said. “India was interesting. It was hard to get used to how crowded and unsanitary Mumbai was. It wasn’t uncivilized, it was just very crowded.”

While living in India, Taylor had a change of heart about his career.

“I decided I wasn’t too excited about that job. The things I was taught weren’t helping me like they should, and so that I thought I could bridge that gap as a teacher,” Taylor said.

After doing some educational reading, Taylor reached his decision, and came back to the U.S. to further his education.

“I went back to Mississippi State to get my master’s degree in science education,” Taylor said. “After college I thought that I would rather be a baseball coach and teach physics. I got a job shortly after to teach science at a local school there. My first year I taught physics, chemistry, and physical science. I also was assistant (JV and jr. high) baseball coach and I started a quiz bowl team.”

Taylor continued coaching similar teams when he moved to Texas.

“When I came to Texas, I was told I was needed as a chemistry teacher and couldn’t coach baseball,” Taylor said. “I continued to coach quiz bowl, academic decathlon, and UIL stuff, though.”

Taylor now teaches chemistry and AP environment, and is a UIL coach as well.

“I have been doing this 11 years now,” Taylor said. “Some days I am tired of the repetition and feel like I’m done. Other days I feel great, especially when students leave my room feeling good about what they’ve learned. I feel like I really know my content and bring that as a teacher. My favorite part still is seeing success in the competitions.”

For Taylor, he can’t imagine doing anything else for the time being.

“I’m on the home stretch of my career as a teacher most likely,” Taylor said.  “Can’t say when or what I’ll do next, but I always have my eyes open. Maybe I’ll move to LA and be a movie star.”