Four arrested after drive-by shooting in Allen


Darby Blaylock

Four are arrested after a drive by shooting in Allen, Texas. Police say this is the first occurrence in eight years.

Savannah Whitmer, Lead Reporter

An argument that began on Twitter led to a drive-by shooting in Allen Monday afternoon. While no one was hurt, five rounds were fired at a house on Ashcrest Court.

“Four people entered into an argument over social media over a debt owed,” Allen Police Department Sergeant Jon Felty said. “It escalated into deadly conduct with discharge of a deadly weapon. This is very rare in Allen. I’ve been working in the police department for 15 years, and this has never happened in my time as an officer.”

The Allen Police Department has three high school students and one adult in custody.

“It’s strange that this would be over something as trivial as a minor debt,” Felty said. “We’ll know more later, but for now, the investigation is ongoing.”