Q&A: Jonathan Stinson


Taylor Bravo

Athletic trainer and Medical Terminology teacher Johnathan Stinson tapes an athlete’s ankle to prevent injury.

Katie Curry, Staff Reporter

In his 14th year of athletic training, Jonathan Stinson sat down with The Red Ledger’s Katie Curry who got to know him in the following Q&A:

The Red Ledger: What schools have you been at?

Stinson: “I started at Shoemaker High School in Killeen, I went to Steele High School in Cibolo, I went and taught for a year at Corbett Junior High, and then I was at Judson High School for two years, and now I’m here.”

The Red Ledger: What do you do outside of school?

Stinson: “Sleep, take my son to his various activities, and that’s about it.”

The Red Ledger: What was your high school experience like?

Stinson: “I did not like high school. I was bullied in high school and middle school until I was a senior(ish) and just did not enjoy my high school experience.”

The Red Ledger: How was college?

Stinson: “College was awesome, I would do college again. I went to Baylor. It was a really good time.”

The Red Ledger: If you weren’t a trainer/teacher what would you do?

Stinson: “I always wanted to do it, I knew my first day of my freshman year of high school I wanted to do it. If I had to do something else I would probably do computer science or nursing or something.”

The Red Ledger: What is your favorite food to eat?

Stinson: “Pizza.”

The Red Ledger: What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?

Stinson: “Oh goodness, I’m pretty much an open book. If you want to know something, you can pretty much just ask.”