Leadership classes to expand


Mary Catherine Wells

Leadership One is a required class, but Leadership Two takes the leadership theories in Leadership One to a new, active level, and now, for the first time, freshmen are able to take a semester of Leadership Two.

Mary Catherine Wells, Staff Reporter

Leadership One has always been a class most freshman take with sophomores, juniors, and seniors able to apply for Leadership Two. But the new semester has brought a change to this system as this year Leadership Two is full of second semester freshmen.

“The main goal was to get a group of students that are going to be here for the next three years and talk about what the culture of the campus could look like and how they could develop as leaders,” Leadership teacher Allison Lyles said. “Some ways are spirit, spirit on campus, diversity on campus. You could get other kids to see you as a leader.”

The revamped structure of the leadership program is being greeted with enthusiasm by most of the freshmen involved.

“I think this class is a great opportunity to meet new people and become a better leader and get to know your school better,” freshman Chase Vanwagoner said. “When they told me I had been chosen to be in this class I felt honored and I was excited to join the class.”

Lyles has the students play team bonding games so that they begin to trust each other more.

“The class has a very fun and welcoming atmosphere,” freshman Bumper Pool said. “I think this class will be very good and my favorite part so far is working on the team building games and working on being a leader with communication.”

This class is not only focusing on leadership but also problem-solving skills.

“Leadership Two is about what you are doing and being situationally aware,” Lyles said. “As a leader there are situations you encounter so this teaches how you have hard conversations, what words do you use, how do you build trust, how do you resolve conflict, and how do you become a good listener.”

There are many differences between Leadership One and Two.

“Leadership One is your communication obligations,” Lyles said. “We do three theories of leadership. Effective leadership, systems of influence, and self-reflection. We also look at the graduate profile. But Leadership Two is more project-based work and more team building.”

In this class, students don’t have to give speeches as opposed to Leadership One.

“I thought this class would be a lot of fun because we don’t have to talk in front of the class or give speeches,” freshman Sydney Tholen said. “When they asked me to be in this class I didn’t even know there was a Leadership Two so I thought it was cool I got chose to be in it.”

Although this is the first semester Leadership Two has been offered, it appears the class will be a yearly offering.

“Now in future, every year from now, there will be a freshman class offering in the spring,” Lyles said. “The students in that class will learn things that they will do with their teams, or the newspaper staff, or things like that that are going on on campus.”