Students film ‘The Sensational Spider-Man’


Patrick Compton

Sophomore Patrick Compton will be directing and producing a student made film, The sensational Spider-Man, in the next few months. Pictured above is Scorpion, portrayed by Matt Van Smith.

Mary Catherine Wells, Staff Reporter

The Sensational Spider-Man comes to the high school as sophomore Patrick Compton films an adaptation of the movie Spider-Man. If the filming goes well, he  hopes to make it into a series. Although this movie does not have the same Spider-Man plot, it uses the same characters.

Here’s  a look at the cast list.




Mary Jane

Jonah Jameson

Aunt May

Doctor Warren

Harry Osborn

Norman Osborn

Herman Schultz

Betty Brant


Liz Allen

Daniel Brito

Raymond Bloch

Doctor Conrad Markus

Quinton Beck

Anna Watson

Josh Fallas

Matt Van Smith

Jordan Duncan

Trace Glorioso

Chrissy MacQuilkan

Ryan James

Patrick Compton

Jak Barth

John T. Haynes

Meghan Hamilton

Matthew Walters

Kimberly Haywars

James Vislosky

Adrian Moger

Steve Johnson

Brady Duke

Rachel Bradley