Career prep class helps prepare students


Benjamin Prengler

Seniors have the opportunity to leave campus to learn more about the business world.

Izzy Valenzuela, Staff Reporter

As seniors prepare to leave for college, they must learn how to balance their job, education, and social life. That’s where the career prep class comes in as  students combine coursework with the ability to leave campus during 7th or 8th period for their job.

“I have worked for the past two years for the district,” senior Max Anderson said. “I work for one of the elementary schools and have to be at work by three. This class gives me the opportunity to check in at the beginning of 7th period and still be on time.”

The career prep class prepares students to enter the business world.

“It gives me a way to see what things are expected in the process of being hired, especially because my own experience was a little informal and the class teaches formality,” Anderson said.

Many students join the class with hopes to strengthen their personal skills and individual performance in their workplace.

“Coach Jaynes always talks with us about our jobs and will come and visit us, which also makes it really fun,” senior Sydney Carawan said.

This class covers skills such as interviewing, resume writing, attitude, work habits, budgeting techniques, customer service, and ethical standards and practice.

“The class is designed to give students supervised experiences that may occur in a paid work environment,” college prep teacher Jason Jaynes said. “I’ve had a number of different jobs in my life and this class has allowed me to share my experiences within those careers with my students.”