Eairheart leads students in fantasy basketball


Benjamin Prengler

English teacher Jasen Eairheart has a fantasy sports league with some students.

Courtney Reid, Staff Reporter

Football is usually the first sport people think of when fantasy leagues are mentioned. However fantasy basketball is starting to become popular with the help of English teacher Jasen Eairheart.

“I initially started the league because students asked me to,” teacher Jasen Eairheart said. “It wasn’t my idea to start it, but so far it’s been entertaining and has allowed me to connect with students better. The league definitely gives us something else to talk about.”

The students in the league enjoy seeing a different side to their teacher.

“I joined because I thought it would be a good way to have fun,” junior Jacob Myers said. “It’s also shown a more relaxed side of Eairheart though, that he’s not all just about teaching.”

For some league members, the league is a way to keep current with the NBA.

“I like basketball and I figured that participating in the league would be a good way to do basketball in a way; stay up to date with the sport,” junior Phillip Lawrence said.

Despite being part of Eairheart’s fantasy basketball league, some of the members prefer the much more popular football leagues.

“I prefer fantasy football because it’s a lot easier to focus on,” Myers said. “There’s a ton of NBA players and they play a lot more games. In football you only have to worry about it once a week but basketball can be all week.”

There were hopes for a fantasy league, but due to bad timing it didn’t work out.

“I understand that a football league would be preferred, but there are conflicts with when the season begins,” Eairheart said. “The season starts at the beginning of the school year when everyone is adjusting to the changes. I don’t want to put more pressure onto the students who might already be overwhelmed. Plus, I don’t really know the students when football begins. They are more comfortable and casual with me by the time basketball starts.”

The league is going strong with a lot at stake.

“It’s been nice to interact with my students in a new way,” Eairheart said. “We are all being competitive about it and want to win because of the bragging rights that will come with the title.”