Student council hopes to makes a difference


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Mary’s Meals is a global program that helps set up school feed projects in some of the world’s poorest communities. This year student council has chosen to participate in the program and will seek to raise money for a community in Africa.

Meghan Riddle , Staff Reporter

More than 300 million children wake up everyday with no guarantee that they will be fed. Millions of people die every year due to starvation. To reduce these numbers, Mary’s Meals is an international movement that sets up school feeding projects in communities where poverty and hunger prevent children from gaining an education. This year, student council has a goal to raise nearly $11,000 by April 31 to pay for a less fortunate school’s kitchen in Malawi, Africa.

“Our President, Ben [Prengler], has been wanting to do this project for a while now,” student council adviser Theresa Dollinger said. “At state last year, another school presented that they did this and raised a lot of money for children in third world countries.”

Prengler has a plan in order for this goal to become a reality.

“We also want to supply them with food for a year, and the idea is that we keep this going in the upcoming years,” Prengler said. “In order to raise money, we want to have something called ‘Blue Week’ which will be a week long event and most likely take place sometime in January or February. This will be a week devoted to raising money for Mary’s Meals that will include a lot of fun activities that the student body can get involved with. We will also be selling shirts supporting the projects.”

The project is still in its early stages but the student council members hope that it be very successful.

“We are aiming to build a kitchen in Mawali,” senior student council member Paige Eberhart said. “The goal is to fight for the end of world hunger. We are accepting any donations if people want to support to starving children in Africa.”

Student council members are hoping they will make an impact.

“I’m really excited to be helping these kids because we could ultimately end up saving lives,” junior student council member Darius Mortazavi said. “I think we are really going to make a difference.”