Better know a sub: Debbie Keefer


Morgan Hykin

A familiar face in the hallways and in the classrooms of Lovejoy is substitute Debbie Keefer.

Katie Curry, Staff Reporter

Well-known substitute teacher Debbie Keefer has been working within the district for eight years and she sits down with The Red Ledger’s Katie Curry who gets to know her in the following Q&A:

The Red Ledger: What grade level do you enjoy subbing for the most?

Keefer: “I’ve come to like high school the best because I relate with the older kids better since my own kids are their ages.”

The Red Ledger: What do you do when you’re not subbing?

Keefer: “I clean my house, do laundry, and go grocery shopping.”

The Red Ledger: What got you into the subbing industry?

Keefer: “I have a child development major from California State University of Fullerton. I was almost through with student teaching in California and then we moved out here so I had to start all over again because they wouldn’t accept what I had. So I went to Texas A&M Commerce and was working on a masters in reading but then I got pregnant so I had to put the masters on hold, I turned into mom. I went back to finish and they lost my file so I was told I had to start over again. So then I went to region ten and I got my EC-4th generalist certification, 4th-8th grade generalist certification, ESL certification and training in GT.”

The Red Ledger: What did you grow up thinking you were going to do with your life?

Keefer: “I always wanted to be a doctor but I had to work through college so I couldn’t do the work load. I decided to be a teacher so I could teach others to be the doctor I couldn’t be.”

The Red Ledger: Where did you grow up?

Keefer: “Southern California and I would go back in a second if I could.”

The Red Ledger: What is your all time favorite TV show?

Keefer: “The longest one I’ve been watching is ‘Days of Our Lives’ or ‘The Young and the Restless’.”

The Red Ledger: If you could be a celebrity who would you be and why?

Keefer: “Angelina Jolie because she’s married to Brad Pitt, why not?”

The Red Ledger: What is your favorite color?

Keefer: “Hot pink.”