Lacrosse continues though it isn’t a UIL activity


Courtesy photo

The boys lacrosse team playing against McKinney during the 13-14 season.

Morgan Riddle , Staff Reporter

For many students, participating in a UIL sanctioned activity is taken for granted but for lacrosse players, it is just out of reach as the state of Texas does not recognize lacrosse as a UIL sport. Despite this, many students still continue to play lacrosse on a school organized team.

“I play the sport because I really enjoy the sport and the environment,” senior lacrosse player Alex Helsey said. “However, I don’t plan on playing in college”

Players like the way the team is now and don’t seem too concerned that the sport is not sanctioned by the UIL.

“I don’t really have a preference on if lacrosse should become UIL,” lacrosse player Seth Comerford said. “I feel like the program is at a very good spot as it is now”

The boys lacrosse team may not be UIL, but the girls lacrosse team is nonexistent.

Kennedy Miller, a sophomore who plays on the Allen High School lacrosse team takes lacrosse as an off-campus sport.

“It takes a while to get a program up and running though, especially a girl’s high school lacrosse team,” Miller said. “The first reason being that it’s not very popular and the second being that most people have already found the sport they want to continue in by their freshman year.”