The Book of Life is full of life

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The Book of Life is full of life

Michelle Leddon, Staff Reporter

The Book Of Life is a gorgeous, hilarious film that is fun for the whole family. With its bright colors, star-studded cast, and refreshingly different plot, it certainly was an entertaining 95 minutes.

It tells the story of two childhood friends rivaling for the affections of one girl, and a bet that the good and evil rulers of the afterlife place on the love triangle’s fate. Although the plot was a tad slow at first, hilarity and touching moments ensued.

The film’s cast, including A-List Hollywood actors such as Channing Tatum and Zoe Saldana, Ice Cube, and Spanish unknowns like the film’s star, Diego Luna, all blend together to bring the voices of each character to life. They each seemed different, bringing unique qualities that made them interesting and entertaining to listen to.

Probably the aspect that deserves the most praise is the animation. The animation style that Reel FX used to bring this film to life was eye-catching, vibrant, and so detailed that it will make you want to pause the film to just look at all of the detail that went in to each and every frame. It didn’t feel like the film just reused the same sugar skull in different colors over and over again, but instead each detail was paid attention to with dedication to make it pop beautifully on screen.

Overall, this was a different, intriguing, laugh out loud movie. The Book Of Life should go in the books as one of the best animated features of 2014 thus far.