Q&A: Bowman Sells


Jillian Sanders

Junior Bowman Sells is the quarterback for the Leopards. The Red Ledger’s Dom Mazero catches up with him.

Dom Mazero, Staff Reporter

Junior starting quarterback Bowman Sells sat down with The Red Ledger’s Dom Mazero to discuss the football team’s progress as well as an update on Sell’s recruiting process.

The Red Ledger: So what does the team need to do this year to make the playoffs?

Sells: “Well the coaches always tell us to ‘stay the course,’ meaning just keep doing what we’re doing and working to get better, and then we’ll put ourselves in the spot we need to be in.”

The Red Ledger: What do you think is the biggest obstacle that could possibly prevent the team from making the playoffs?

Sells: “I think this game this week is a very important in making the playoffs. If we win this game, it puts us in a great position for playoffs, and if not, then we’ll be in a hole.”

The Red Ledger: Besides Ohio State, Clemson, and Iowa, are there any other schools that have offered or that you are interested in?

Sells: “No other schools have offered, but there’s other schools I’m interested in and am communicating with such as Oklahoma, Texas, Ole Miss, and Arkansas.”

The Red Ledger: In terms of football, what factors do you take into consideration when deciding what school to go to?

Sells: “The relationship with the coaching staff plays a big factor as well as the atmosphere of the program and the traditions and prestige that the program has as well.”

The Red Ledger: Is your goal to just play in college and earn a degree, or is there something bigger on the horizon?

Sells: “The NFL is my goal as of now, and will continue to be.”

The Red Ledger: Who has been the most influential to you in the recruiting process?

Sells: “My parents, who help me quite a bit with the recruiting process.”