The Flash off to a great start

The Flash has a lot of potential for an interesting TV show.

Courtesy Photo

The Flash has a lot of potential for an interesting TV show.

Patrick Compton, Staff Reporter

How is it that DC is able to make so many fantastic shows and yet when it comes to their movies the only recent one that works is the Batman movies? While that is debatable, there’s no arguing The Flash, their newest show is a hit.

It begins with the origin story of Flash. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), is a fun and energetic but delightfully dorky (he is exactly what I like about the Spider-Man from the comics) guy spending his life trying to find the “mysterious ball of lightning” that killed his mother and had his father framed for the murder.

His life is changed however when a storm created at Star Labs effects an unknown amount of the citizens of Central City including Allen. This mysterious storm grants Barry the power of super speed which he decides to use for the betterment of the people around him, and with the help of his friends Harrison, Dr. Snow and Cisco (Tom Cavanagh, Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdes respectively) he dawns his new persona as The Flash.

Along with a likeable main character, the show intrigues new audiences and fans of the comics with subtle references and hints of characters and concepts to come. The special effects are good for a TV budget and the costume designs are excellent, perfectly keeping them to how they looked in the comics but also modernizing them.

While there are a lot of good things, the first villain and the fast pace (no pun intended) can make it difficult to get attached to what’s going on. However, these problems are minor and will most likely be fixed as the show goes on.

An action packed, good hearted pilot has The Flash off to a solid start in what will  hopefully be a great series.