Freshman soccer player on national radar


Courtesy Photo

After school, Freshman Grant Lange, dribbles around a soccer ball.

Dom Mazero, Staff Reporter

Tryouts for boy’s soccer begin in about a month. To find out more about the young talent at school, The Red Ledger’s Dom Mazero caught up with freshman soccer player Grant Lange.


The Red Ledger: When you are out there on the pitch, who do you try and emulate?

Lange: “Gareth Bale from Real Madrid.”

The Red Ledger: How did you first enter the Olympic Development program?

Lange: “I was 12 years old when I got in.”

The Red Ledger: When did you first start playing soccer?

Lange: “I started playing when I was 4 years old.”

The Red Ledger: What club team do you play for?

Lange: “The FC Dallas pre-Academy team.”

The Red Ledger: As a rule for all Academy teams, they prevent all their players from playing high school soccer. If you make the Academy team, what will you do?

Lange: “I will probably play for the Academy team and not high school.”

The Red Ledger: What made you first want to play soccer

Lange: “My brother was big into soccer and played in the national pool for the Olympic Development program. But he broke his wrist, and couldn’t play goalkeeper anymore.”

The Red Ledger: What is one of your best soccer accomplishments?

Lange: “When one of the best German soccer schools came to the United States, and picked 30 kids to come to their school. And I was one of them that got picked. But I would have to go live in Germany for 2 years, and my mom didn’t want me to do that.”

The Red Ledger: How did you hurt your foot?

Lange: “I jumped up for the ball and came back down and someone slid into me and I broke the bottom of my foot.”

The Red Ledger: Have you started college recruiting?

Lange: “I have started talking to the Stanford coach, but we have to go there to really talk to them. I also really like Wake Forest in North Carolina.”