Everything wasn’t alright with Weezer’s new album

Michelle Leddon, Staff Reporter

Weezer’s ninth full length studio album, Everything Will Be Alright In The End truly suits the title as the just released album is just alright. Lead by frontman River Cuomo, the band brought back their classic, casual, ‘90s style with very but did so in a repetitive manner.

The first half of the album is definitely true to what brought the band fame on their (wonderful) debut The Blue Album. Songs such as the opener “Ain’t Got Nobody” and “I’ve Had It Up To Here” are catchy and very audience friendly, but sadly blend together in a very redundant, broken record way. It certainly isn’t bad, but isn’t good either. Even the appeal of the most refreshing song (“The British Are Coming”) was canceled out because the next track, “Da Vinci” sounded similar because of the double use of whistling and an acoustic guitar.

The album improved thanks to the song “Cleopatra” which featured a killer guitar solo that brought to light that Weezer isn’t (always) a one trick pony. It was probably the highlight of the album. The next track, “Foolish Father” blended with it nicely because it was just angry enough. The three part closing songs were nice, refreshing and a pleasant way to end the album.

Musically the band didn’t seem too improve much or surprise. Weezer used every trick that fans (and anyone that was around in the ‘90s but wasn’t a fan) are familiar with from their previous releases.

Overall, the album was worth one listen, but not worth listening to from track 1 to track 13 again. Everything was just alright.