A taste of Bricklyn

Michelle Leddon, Staff Reporter

Although the pizza at Bricklyn’s Pizza on Stacy Road in Allen may have that New York style, it may not have that great flavor.

The New York style pizza restaurant opened only a few months ago and does not seem to have had much business as of late as the restaurant was absolutely empty.

When customers first walk in to Bricklyn Pizza they are greeted by four panels that look like Time Square on one wall, a rather open view of the kitchen straight ahead, and tunes from the likes of Marvin Gaye quietly playing on the stereo.

Service is friendly and quick as it took under fifteen minutes for a large, two topping pizza to be ready, fresh from the oven.

The food itself was sadly not as fantastic as the service. The pizza had loads of cheese, which was delightful, but the pizza itself was rather bland and the crust was a tad bit overdone. In addition, the large pizza is surprisingly small; only eight pieces, about five inches in length.

The experience was less than stellar, but the restaurant itself was clean, likable and had a friendly atmosphere. The food wasn’t bad, but not worth a second visit.