Q&A: Coach Christensen

Katie Curry, Sports Reporter

Anatomy teacher and cross country coach, Greg Christensen has been with the district from the start and is going on his ninth year at the high school. The Red Ledger’s Katie Curry got to know him in the following Q&A.

The Red Ledger: What are you expecting for your team this year?

Christensen: “I am expecting them to run to the best of their abilities and to their level of training.”

The Red Ledger: Have you had a favorite year here?

Christensen: “They’ve all been great. Each one has been better because the teams keep getting better and better.”

The Red Ledger: “What is your favorite high school experience?”

Christensen: “One that I will choose to share would probably be my races at state in cross country and track.”

The Red Ledger: “As a kid what did you think you were going to grow up doing?”

Christensen: “I was going to be a cowboy like Roy Rogers.”

The Red Ledger: What do you do in your free time?

Christensen: “In my free time, some of the things I do consists of hanging out with my dogs and just enjoy going to races.”

The Red Ledger: I have been told you want ‘The Dirty Drumline’ to make an appearance at a cross country meet, is this true? And if so, why?

Christensen: “Yes, they have to be ultimately dirty and because we need noise-makers! It would be fun and festive for the team.”

The Red Ledger: What is the strangest or most interesting thing that has happened to you?

Christensen: “This interview. No, the strangest or most interesting thing that has ever happened to me was probably the naked hippies at the hot springs this summer.”

The Red Ledger: If you had to describe yourself in one word what would it be?

Christensen: “Loyal.”