Shaved ice to face new competition

Shaved ice to face new competition

Haley Brown, Staff Reporter

A long time favorite for many Allen and Fairview residents might be in danger of closing due to a new Bahama Bucks opening.

“I’ve worked (at Shaved Ice) since last summer,” employee and 2014 alumni Jenna Reitinger said. “We stay pretty busy depending on the weather, the hotter it is the busier we are.”

Located on Main Street directly in front of Bahama Buck’s newest location in Allen, Shaved Ice has been owned by a private owner and located in the same spot for years. However, due to it’s new chain competitor, the long-time business may be frozen-out.

“Our plan is to stay here,” Reitinger said. “And getting business from when they’re busy and (Bahama Bucks) is also a lot more expensive and also hopefully our regular customers will keep coming back.”

The stand has been one of the most popular and well-known in Allen.

“I take my girlfriend there almost every week and we love it,” senior Max Anderson said. “However once Bahama Bucks opens we may mix it up and get a snowcone from each place, so that we can span out without feeling like we’re cheating on Shaved Ice.”

Despite the appeal of Bahama Bucks’ famous snow, students continue to stay loyal to their familiar favorite.

“I go there pretty often,” freshman Grant Dennis said. “I’m probably gonna stick with the snowcone truck because my one Bahama Bucks experience I’ve had didn’t get a good flavor and it just put a bad experience in my head.”