Schedules set in stone


Morgan Hykin

When picking what classes to take, it is important that students consider more than just the GPA and grades, and remember to challenge themselves.

Katie Felton, Staff Reporter

Time has run out on students wishing to change their schedule. Approximately 330 students changed their schedule the first weeks of school, but some students are still not happy with their classes. Unfortunately for them, the odds of a schedule change are remote.

“[There is] not really [a way to change your schedule after the schedule change date]… just because we wanted everyone to fill out their forms last week,” counselor Amanda Breeden said.

The schedule changing process is currently closed unless an event happens that prevents the student from participating in the class.

“[One way a student could change their schedule is if] someone is in a sport and they break their leg,” Breeden said. “People can always ask and if we feel like it’s something kinda extreme or if this would be better for the kid [then we would consider it]…but it would have to be kind of special.”