Linkin Park brings the energy to Gexa


Michelle Leddon

Linkin Park performed at Gexa Energy Pavillion

Michelle Leddon, Staff Reporter

Rain, balloons, and amazing music. 30 Seconds To Mars and Linkin Park’s Dallas stop on The Carnivores Tour had it all.

Headliners Linkin Park exceeded expectations, playing music from their 2000 debut Hybrid Theory, the highest grossing debut of the 21st century, all the way up to their most recent release The Hunting Party. The Los Angeles native band performed mashups of songs in order to fit in as many fan favorites as possible into a two hour setlist. From “In The End” to “New Divide” or their current lead single “Guilty All The Same”, Linkin Park did their best to keep the audience satisfied.

All six members of the band delivered high energy performance and had great on stage chemistry, most notably from vocalists Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington. Bennington in particular was on the top of his game vocally while Shinoda did a fantastic job keeping the audience interactive and energized.

In their typical fashion, Linkin Park successfully blended different influences and sounds such as techno vibes on songs such as a remix of “Castle Of Glass”, metal inspired songs including “Rebellion”, and softer, vulnerable songs such as a mashup of “Leave Out All The Rest/Shadow of the Day/Iridescent”.

Although every member of the band is approaching 40 years old, Linkin Park is still delivering in their live performances. The band closed their set with the anthematic “Bleed It Out”, including plenty of audience interaction with the band.

30 Seconds To Mars put on a good performance, although surprisingly the amount of inspiring lyrics in the majority of their songs was a bit of a curse as Academy Award winner/vocalist Jared Leto requested that the audience sing and dance as much as they could in almost every song they played. Thanks to this, “End of All Days” was definitely their most entertaining and refreshing song of their one hour setlist, followed by an acoustic version of one of their most popular songs, “The Kill”, and an instrumental cover of the Metallica hit “Sad But True”. Overall, their performance was as good as expected.

The weakest point of the night (other than the rain) was AFI’s opening performance. The band simply didn’t seem to blend in and lead singer Davey Havok was all over the place vocally while the band lacked energy.

Overall it was a night of incredible music, particularly from headliners Linkin Park.