Popular shaved ice stand coming soon


Michelle Leddon

Multiple students work at the popular shaved ice stand, Bahama Bucks,.

Michelle Leddon, Staff Reporter

As the Summer season comes to an official close, Bahama Bucks is opening in Allen on September 16. The snow cone restaurant was originally supposed to open in July, then right after Labor Day, but the date got pushed back yet again.

“I’m really excited for the Bahama Bucks opening because it’s a lot closer than the other locations,” senior Maddie Meaders said.

Their Facebook page has been up since February and the restaurant has been hiring since mid-July.

“I thinking [working there] is going to be a lot of fun,” junior and Bahama Bucks employee Jordan Fontenot said. “I wasn’t too frustrated with the opening because with school starting at the same time originally it would have been a little crazy with so much going on.”

The closest locations are currently in Frisco on Legacy Drive and McKinney on Virginia Parkway, but the closest will now be in Allen at 715 Main Street.

“I’m definitely going to go to the new one because it’s so much closer,” senior Blake Herring said. “I’m really excited, it’s delicious.”

Check back on Friday for how the opening of this Bahama Bucks will affect the years-old local neighboring snow cone stand.