Luke Leggett creates lucrative shoe selling market

Luke Leggett creates lucrative shoe selling market

Kevin Davis, Sports Editor

The money exchanges hands and the product is delivered. Sophomore Luke Leggett is a dealer, but Leggett is not slinging drugs. Leggett sells something much different: limited edition sneakers.

“I either get shoes for people, buy shoes and resell them to others, or trade with people for shoes. It’s actually kind of simple in a way,” Leggett said. “I wake up every Saturday morning to buy shoes or mostly any day, it just depends on the release dates. Sometimes I buy 10 pairs [a week] and then sometimes I buy 1-2 depending on availability. ”

The shoes that Leggett buys are not just any shoes, most are limited edition shoes that sell for an expensive retail price of sometimes up to $400. He even buys shoes from companies overseas like Li-Ning.

“The shoes can be limited edition and they usually are,” Leggett said. “I buy from Nike, Footlocker, Eastbay, and Footaction. The brands I buy are Nike, Jordan, Asics, Saucony, and Li-Ning, a very new brand (from China), but people love them.”

The purchasing process for Leggett isn’t as simple as it seems. When shoes are released in this area, Leggett will go to local stores to buy them. However, when new shoes are released somewhere else in the country, he takes a more practical approach.

“I have people that get me shoes that aren’t in the area because of availability,” Leggett said. “But I pick all my shoes up around here at Nike and Foot Locker. I also have friends [that live in different] places in the U.S. that will get them for me if I pay them back. I pay retail for all my shoes from them. We look out for each other also. It’s like a sneakerhead family you could say.”

Leggett sells these shoes to anyone, but because he is in the basketball program Leggett found many customers in the basketball program as well.

“I bought a limited edition pair of Kevin Durant shoes [from Luke],” senior Greg Watson said. “He is in the basketball program so I talked to him about the shoes before they were released and paid him the cost and he ordered them as soon as they came out so I wouldn’t miss them.”

The business that Leggett runs is a serious money maker for the freshman. He turns profits of large percentages on the retail prices of the shoes.

“I probably make about $100 on each pair and maybe $200-300 on some limited shoes,” Leggett said. “[The shoe’s price] depends on the hype and the limit of the shoes”

Leggett’s shoes business is kept quiet around the rest of his family, but not because it is a secret.

“I along with my family know very little about [Luke’s business], but not really because he is secret about it, just because we don’t really understand so we don’t ask,” class of 2014 graduate Lindy Leggett said. “People keep telling me about this shoe business he has and I’m like “you probably know more about it than me”, but I guess he is pretty good at it so it’s whatever.”

Leggett has multiple sources of promotion for his business.

“I promote through social media like Instagram and Twitter sometimes,” Leggett said. “Also there is a new app called Joog. Great app and every sneakerhead should have it. I also know the creators of it well and I also promote through word of mouth.”