Students pass time fishing

Students pass time fishing

Katie Curry, Staff Reporter

Instead of staying inside and watching TV, some students spend their summer days waiting for a “bite.” In their spare time, they get their poles, put them in the back of their trucks and head out to the nearest area to go fishing.

“We (seniors Adam McDaniel, John Weichel) fish at Oak Point Nature Reserve probably once every 3 weeks,”  senior Sam Meaders said. “It came about because we like the outdoors.”

Avoiding the hot summer sun can be a smart idea so they wait until later in the day before heading out.

“We fish around dusk when sun is setting,” Meaders said.

When it comes to finding something to do, casting a line is a good way for these guys to spend some time.

“I like hanging out with my friends and catching the big fish and the excitement of bringing them in,” Weichel said.

“It’s fun because it’s rewarding when you catch them,” Meaders said. “It’s fun being with your friends and just relaxing.”