Opinion: card ban is getting out of hand


Michelle Stoddart, Managing Editor

Administration has recently placed a ban upon playing cards in class. Although this is logical at other times in the school year, during finals week, such a ban isn’t feasible.

Due to the schedule, students are required to return to a class after they have already completed the final that class. When students are obligated to return to a class for which they have nothing to study or learn, then things such as card games are actually a more engaging alternative to inane smartphone games or dozing off.

Having finished all my finals, thanks to projects that act as finals, as well as completing the two finals I had remaining, going back to my 3rd and 7th period class is less than pointless. Teachers cannot teach more, especially in physics, where a new concept couldn’t be introduced in one day. Therefore the administration should do one of two things in this situation: lift a ban upon playing cars and other methods of self-entertainment or do not require students to come to class after a final has already taken place.

For students that still have finals, class time could be used in to study and prepare, however in many cases, students don’t have anything to prepare for, seeing as it’s the end of the year.

The ban is more than sensible during the school year when all students have something to study for, however during finals week, especially in the later days of finals week, card games are a fun alternative to napping or watching movies.