School set to begin guys volleyball


Julia Carder

On May 13, boys interested in playing volleyball attended an informational meeting in the lecture hall.

Kevin Davis, Staff Reporter

Men’s volleyball is one of the fastest growing sports in America, but the trend has yet to take off in Texas. However, that is about to change here on campus.

“A new league is being formed for men’s high school volleyball, with the inaugural season set to launch in the Spring of 2015 to crown the first ever high school state champion in the sport,” director of the Texas boys volleyball association Kyle Komenda said.

Because of the few players currently playing competitive high school volleyball, it is not too late to pick up the sport if one has never played before.

“No one should be discouraged from attending because they haven’t played the sport before.  High school is the perfect time to pick up the sport,” Komenda said. “Players should realize too that there are only a handful of high school age players playing in Texas today.”

Player’s that are interested in playing next year believe that the team has the potential to come out strong in the team’s first season.

“I think we will be decent because it is our first year but I think we will have some potential,” junior Chris Prudhomme said.

Over the next few months, interested players will have the chance to pick up the sport before the first season next year.

“In the next several months as players learn the sport and take advantage of less-formal playing opportunities being organized for this summer and fall,” Komeda said.

The first annual boy’s high school volleyball season is set to kick off in the spring of 2015.

“Men’s volleyball will be a great success, because us men like to play volleyball and it adds another sport for fans to come to,” sophomore Aaron Fuller said. “It will also add money and more school pride to Lovejoy.”