Yearbook distribution to begin Tuesday


Michelle Stoddart

Yearbooks have been delivered and will be distributed during all lunches on Tuesday, May 19th.

Katie Curry, Staff Reporter

Boxes everywhere, people scrambling all around: the yearbooks are in. The rest of the students at school might not be aware that their purchased yearbooks are here, but the yearbook staff sure does.

“We have 94 boxes and it’s actually going pretty fast,” senior co-editor Natalie Green said. “With everyone working we should be finished by the end of the day.”

Prior to the arrival of the books, the staff was preparing for their big day.

“We are working on sticky notes right now that we will put in each book and we have to alphabetize them,” senior Anna Eisenhart said. “We will go through all the personalized and other books and then put them in their alphabetized boxes for the tables on Tuesday.”

All the work they spend doing Monday, will translate into Tuesday as students will notice alphabetized tables at their lunches with yearbook representatives sitting and distributing books.

“We sold 1,087 yearbooks this year,” Green said.

There will be certain accommodations to those who missed the yearbook sales earlier in the year.

“Well I know for sure that the cost of the book will be $95 but am not sure on how many we will have,” Green said. “We will know and have them available during A lunch Tuesday.”

After a year’s hard work, having the physical yearbook has Green excited.

“It is so incredibly awesome,” Green said. “They came in Sunday night and I almost cried. It’s a huge relief to finally have them here in our hands.”