Many seniors exempt from final exams


Morgan Hykin

Even with a 5 on an AP exam, students may still not receive college credit with new policies in place by schools such as Dartmouth and Columbia.

Alyson Sudak, Staff Reporter

Students look forward to their senior year from the moment their freshman year begins. From the lip dub video to a year end trip to Six Flags, there are some things only seniors get to do. One of the most popular: final exam exemptions.

“I think that it’s great. It’s the best senior perk we have since we are required to be here for eight periods,” senior Shannon Linder said. “The exemptions are also nice because during the week some seniors are taking them, and we don’t have to come to school until later than usual. I avoid missing school as much as possible, so I am exempt.”

It’s not just students that see the advantage of exam exemptions.

“I would think that that’s a big thing and it’s in the spring of their senior year. Who wouldn’t want to come to school so they don’t have to take finals,” school registrar Debbie Barnes said. “[Seniors] have to have a certain average, and be here a certain amount of time, but who wouldn’t what to do that? I was at another school, and they did that also, and my kids, they worked towards that. They didn’t want to miss school, so they didn’t have to take their final.”

Not all seniors are exempt from an exam or exams as attendance and grades both play a role. But regardless of if a senior is exempt or not, most of them agree it makes senior year a bit easier.

“You don’t have to do anything [the last week],” senior Mark Scott said. “Just show up, go to Six Flags, and not take exams.”