Orchestra student receives award, opportunity


Courtesy of Eric Miller

Harpist Carol Xia just before she performed at the Allen Symphony Orchestra.

Michelle Leddon, Staff Reporter

When most students accomplish things in extracurricular activities, they receive an award and maybe a pat on the back. However, sophomore Carol Xia received a silver medal at this year’s Rogers & Ella Jo Adams Concerto Competition held by the Allen Philharmonic.

“I was really excited because it was my first competition for harp,” Xia said. “I was surprised that I won the silver medal.”

Xia’s prize included a $500 cash award and a performance at the Allen Philharmonic “Friends of Note” event. Prizes for the competition are $1,000 for gold medalists, $500 for silver, and $250 for the bronze medalists.

“Carol has always enjoyed being in orchestra,” director Joey Sloan said. “I have taught her for the last 5 years from middle school through this year at LHS.  She performs and excels at both the violin and harp. I am extremely proud of Carol, how hard she works and all of the success that she has had.”

The recognition received by Xia is not surprising to Sloan.

“Carol has been successful because of her strong work ethic and her love for music,” Sloan said. “It is not surprising that she has been so successful.”

In addition to entering the competition, Xia made both all-region and all-area orchestra.

“It is kind of stressful sometimes because I usually have a bunch of after school stuff,” Xia said. “Mr. Sloan encourages me a lot, and my private teacher knows that I play violin in orchestra class to be able to audition for all region and state.”

Sloan was the one that originally recommended that she enter the concerto competition. He said all students could enter the competition.

“I think it’s really cool that Carol has done so well with this competition,” junior Sam Wallaert said. “I kind of regret not entering, but it’s awesome that someone from our orchestra program did.”

Typically the competition is only open to Allen students, but this was the first year Lovejoy students were allowed to enter.

“I haven’t bought anything yet with the money and haven’t decided what I’ll get,” Xia said. “It was a really awesome feeling.”