Absence from eighth


Hunter Miller

Many athletes often find themselves missing eighth period for their sports games and meets.

Allie Dillard, Staff Reporter

One of the perks of being involved in extracurricular activities is that students sometimes get to leave school early. While this is an aspect that students mostly enjoy, it can present some problems when the same class is repeatedly missed.

“I sometimes got behind in class, but it was never too much work,” junior football player Jacob Comerford said. “My teachers were harsh on me about turning in my stuff fast so I easily caught up.”

Some students knew beforehand that they’d be missing their last couple of classes so they were able to plan their schedule ahead of time to ensure there wouldn’t be a conflict.

“It’s really not too bad because I have 7th and 8th period off,” senior baseball player Luke Boylson said. “That’s why I took online dual credit classes.”

Because it is usually the same classes that are being missed, it can be easier for students to work out solutions with their teachers.

“I’ve only needed to come in early a couple of times,” senior Joe Whitman said. “My teachers are really good about working with me to figure out the best time for me to come in and see what I’ve missed.”

For the most part, students find it manageable keeping up with their schoolwork while having to miss class.

“It’s not that hard,” sophomore baseball player Jacob Parrott  said. “I just make sure to go into tutoring to learn the stuff I missed.”

Teachers do what they can to keep 8th period on the same track as their other periods.

“My students are really good at making up their work, especially during the spring when there’s baseball, soccer, leaving early in the day going on,” technology teacher Ray Cooper said.  “But usually it’s not an issue because I just use SchoolTown to show what we’ve been working on.”