The weekly war


Ray Cooper

Players must assemble and paint their armies before play can begin.

Haley Brown, Staff Reporter

A war that takes place 38,000 years in the future happens in Ray Cooper’s room every Friday from 4:20-6:00 p.m. as the Warhammer club is the latest addition to the school’s extracurricular lineup.

“Warhammer is a tabletop war game, and you play it using miniatures. It originated in England and is really big over there, as it is here,” Cooper said. “It is a sci-fi game, so there is the actual game element to it, as well as a hobby part to it, which is personally the part I enjoy, where you build and paint certain models, as well as novels and other merchandise that you can get from their website

The idea to start a Warhammer 40K club came to Cooper from a student: freshman Brendan Murphy.

“If anyone started the club, it was Brendan,” Cooper said. “He came to me with the idea, and I enjoy the hobby so I thought ‘why not’.”

Murphy’s inspiration for the club came from a lack of space to play Warhammer close to home.

“I had the idea for the club because I wanted a place for people to play Warhammer closer,” Murphy said. “The nearest location is either in Plano or Frisco.”

Warhammer is mostly enjoyed by a group getting together to have a table-top battle, which can last several hours.

“After you choose the army and paint it up, you play the army. And a single battle can take four hours or more,” freshman Brendan Murphy said. “And it really is a complicated rule set, and is also fairly expensive.”

Students can spend anywhere from $10-100 on a single figure or a set of miniatures.

“I haven’t spent that much because I just started,” freshman Garrett Martin said. “The model I currently have was about $30 for one model.”

Anyone interested in Warhammer can go to Cooper’s room on Fridays at 4:20 p.m. to participate and learn about Warhammer.

“It’s awesome having a place to play at school,” Martin said. “It’s really fun and I really enjoy it.”