AP art students perfect concentration pieces

Haley Brown, Staff Reporter

DSC_0257Kelse Pedigo


Medium: Charcoal and Oil Paint

“Well my concentration statement is that I’m exploring the women of the Bible through modern day interpretations. I pick a person and then I have a person pose for it and then I paint expressively. I started off with a different concentration, basically focusing on the Bible, but then Mac (art teacher Brice McCasland) suggested to me that why not expand it more and explore women as opposed to just one person. So it’s kind of religious research in a way.”




DSC_0271Shelby Johnson


Medium: Gouache

“It’s about how I’ve become more comfortable with my own femininity. Growing through trial and tribulations. It’s in gouache, it starts out as a collage but then I go through layers of gouache and then actually create the form using subtraction and water.”




DSC_0267Travis Troiani


Medium: Oil Paint

“It’s about how children have this kind of safe haven from responsibility and I’m doing these painting about looking back and how fragile that is. And I’m showing that through, well, blanket forts.”




DSC_0273Kate Smith


Medium: Mixed Media

“I’m making a collage first, of people and then I go over it in ink and put it through a printing press. I like to do process based things so I’m really into hands and putting things on paper so I’m focusing on portraits of people and how I view them.”




DSC_0275Maya Ellison


Medium: Pen and white prisma

“My concentration mostly focuses on this sense of belonging. Like for me it represents growing up in a community of mostly white people and being adopted and being a minority. I take different pictures of minorities and place them in strange situations of people.”