Scheduling season tips


Jillian Sanders, Staff Reporter/Print Editor

Spring means three things for me: allergies, the beginning of test season, and choosing courses for next year. As a GT student and middle child, I know exactly the kinds of pressures one may have when it becomes time to check off the boxes that determine the soon-to-come school year. From parental pressure to peer pressure to perfectionism, the time can be extremely stressful. So, here are a few things I tell myself (all the time) during class scheduling season.

1. Your parents want the best for you.

I know it doesn’t seem like it when they’re forcing you to take two math classes or an athletic or fine art class that aren’t in your area of interest; but they’ve been through high school (and probably college) as well and are trying to prepare you for the future. Odds are, if they want you to take a certain class you should probably take it.

2. Don’t put too much on your plate.

It’s great to take challenging classes and be well-rounded, but if you don’t go to bed until three a.m. day after day, your load needs to be lightened. Your classes and extracurriculars should be challenging, but not killing you.

3. Know if your classes make the cut.

Before taking an AP class, look up the universities that you’re interested in and make sure those AP credits transfer over and that the course is accepted. However, I took an AP class this year as a freshman and although most colleges only recognize the course as an elective, I still learned good studying habits.

4. You can change your mind.

High school is a time to find your passions and learn who you are, but it’s not the end of the world if you have no idea what to do with your life. College students change their majors all the time, so you can always try something different and change your mind. And then change it again after lunch. And then change it again when you get home. In fact, I change who I want to be when I grow up every class period. So find what makes you tick, learn what inspires you, and don’t forget to change your mind.