Spring break or lack thereof


Katie Curry, Staff Reporter

Even though spring break just ended, I’m ready to go back on vacation. SIKE. More like I’m ready for a vacation as I was at school for 6 of the days. No I am not a nerd, nor am I an overachiever putting in additional work, I am simply an athlete. An athlete whose sport doesn’t allow time for a spring break like most kids.

As the bell to start spring break sounded at 4:15 p.m. on March 14, hundreds of students left the school and did not return until Monday, March 24. Unfortunately, I was not one of those.

I’ve played softball since I was old enough to play t-ball but it wasn’t until I got to the high school level I first realized how much dedication goes into a sport.

There are approximately 30 girls in the softball program excluding trainers and coaches. For the most part, each girl was there for the 4 days of practice and 2 games (3 including the Friday we got out) that were played during spring break. We rejected our friends who wanted us to go with them to other states (or countries) to vacation and stayed put here in Texas.

But it wasn’t just softball stuck at home as several other sports or extracurricular activities suffered a similar fate.

The same thing happens over winter break as well and while it may not be fun, it goes to show the dedication that many people have and the heart it takes to play. This goes not just for the players but all the trainers, coaches, and even parents who decided to put their own plans on hold. So when you complain about having to wake up early after your week long trip to the beach, I challenge you to think of all the kids who stayed behind, got up early, practiced, and competed for the school during spring break. Sure it’s your prerogative, but it’s all about the perspective one takes.