Clearing up the smoke


It has become a common happening for people to judge an album by the way the cover looks before actually hearing it.

Michelle Stoddart, Managing Editor

Clouds of artificially flavored, sweet smoke emit from a small black object. Shaped similarly to a pen, electronic cigarettes have become an alternative to smoking, or to some, a possible gateway to tobacco product use. There is a daunting trend of teens smoking them for the ‘buzz’ and for appearances, which is terrifying for many reasons. Although they are advertised as a safer alternative to cigarettes and a cool thing for kids to do, they are neither safe nor cool.

After copious campaigns to prevent smoking, it is commonly known that cigarettes are immensely degenerative to one’s health. Cigarettes are attributed to causing many sorts of cancers (including those of the mouth, larynx, esophagus and lungs). They additionally cause other health problems. Many people (both those who advertise e-cigs, and many who smoke them) believe that e-cigs are healthy, however this is untrue.

Nicotine is still a component of the smoke in e-cigs and nicotine is not only addictive, but also degenerative to one’s health. Nicotine can cause health issues such as stroke and heart attack. Additionally, nicotine is still immensely addictive and when a person stops using it, there can be harsh side effects known as withdrawals.

Nicotine free e-cigs are available but that doesn’t make sense. Rather than purchasing a device to inhale flavored water vapor, one could eat a piece of flavored candy, chew a piece of gum or find something else more economical.

A person only has one chance at a first impression. If a person is smoking an e-cig, regardless of whether or not there is nicotine in it, the user can often be portrayed negatively as some people may think the person is addicted to smoking, a partier, and for lack of a better word, a low life. Although this is prejudiced and unfair, the world is prejudiced and unfair. Smoking an e-cig in public shines a negative light upon the user, whether or not that portrayal is accurate is debatable, however it is still the image seen by the rest of the world.

Electronic cigarettes simply don’t make sense from any standpoint, may it be economical, in terms of healthcare, or even in social perceptions.