The downside of Pre AP


Caroline Smith, Managing Editor

The school does not offer basic core classes, but instead Pre AP courses are the lowest level of a core class that a student can take. This, in theory, is an excellent plan that should push students to their full potential. However, this plan of academic enrichment has backfired on many students, and could potentially harm the school’s reputation. The school should not only offer Pre AP, but also regular classes.

    Pre AP classes are definitely a good fit for many students because they are fast paced and more challenging, but many students require a slower, more in-detail environment when learning. With the current school policy concerning Pre AP classes, these students are struggling with crucial concepts such as math or English. This doesn’t mean that the said students are not as smart or academically prepared as others, it could simply be that Pre AP is not the right fit for them. If the school offered basic core classes, this group of students would be given the chance to live up to their potential and excel academically.

Because many students do struggle with Pre AP classes, the overall Pre AP environment has become much easier than other schools Pre AP level classes are. Many students that attended the school have actually transferred because the said Pre AP classes did not meet their expectations. If the school offered basic classes, then only students ready for Pre AP would take those courses. This way teachers would not have to slow down to help struggling students and could instead focus on building a challenging, rigorous program.

The school has a reputation of academic excellence, and because of this, both teachers and students are under pressure to perform well. Students should be working to their full potential, and taking classes that challenge them daily. With that said, teachers and administration would have to be careful that students do not just take regular classes because they don’t want to put in any more effort than they have to. Only students currently struggling in their classes should be moved to a regular class.

The administration needs to consider adding regular core classes, at least for harder subjects, in order to ensure that all students succeed. While requiring all students to take Pre Ap is a good idea, there are also many students who would do better in a regular class, and if this change was made, the student body as a whole would benefit.