An impractical practice space


Josh Shewmake

Due to a lack of space in the indoor facility, the gyms, and on the field, the color guard team has been holding practices in the lobby of the auditorium.

Haley Brown, Staff Reporter

Much like swim team, color guard is a squad without a place to practice. Because of the high number of clubs and sports teams, color guard practices in the lobby outside the auditorium.

“It’s really frustrating having to rehearse in the lobby,” sophomore Tess Mair said. “We don’t have enough space to run our show. Instead we alter our performance to fit the space.”

The squad has not been given its own space due to the large amount of clubs and various other extra curricular teams also needing rehearsal space or practice facilities.

“There is a finite amount of space on campus for, I could give you a lineage of activities, any sport or extracurricular activity you want to mention,” principal Bruce Coachman said. “The reason there is no space for them could be because the space they need is already being used, or it could be the the amount of students involved, or truthfully it could be whoever sponsors or helps coach color guard has never asked or pushed the issue for finding that space. It has always been that they have found their own space and that space has been good enough.”

Despite the lack of space available, the school’s administrators are focused on finding a more adequate place for color guard to practice.

“Every activity on campus should have a place of their own to practice their craft,” Coachman said. “Depending on how many students are involved it’s our obligation to find them a space that’s suitable for them to practice in.”

Aside from not having adequate rehearsal room, the team also deals with the frustration of having students attempt to enter the school via the auditorium door, which interrupts their rehearsals.

“We put up signs on the doors asking people not to enter and basically have to hope they listen,” junior Anastasia Shelley said. “If they don’t, our instructor tells us not to stop rehearsing and if the person gets hit it’s their fault because they didn’t listen to the sign. It’s very annoying because it disrupts the already limited rehearsal we have.”

Just as it is annoying for color guard members, the inaccessibility to the school through the side doors is equally as frustrating for students.

“It’s really frustrating not being able to get through those doors,” junior Ben Meaders said. “I come in those doors almost every morning, but I also feel bad about interrupting their practice. It’s just a hassle on both sides I think.”

Despite these rehearsal space issues, the team continues to enjoy their experience as part of color/winter guard.

“I really like being in color guard,” junior Hannah Ottinger said. “We’re a really close group and we love to laugh and joke with each other. Since my freshman year I wanted to join color guard, and I really wish more people knew about winter guard, because it’s a lot of fun.”