School district closed due to inclement weather


Michelle Stoddart

An accumulation of ice and sleet from Sunday’s storm has led to the cancellation of school on Monday, March 3. Temperatures are expected to remain at or below freezing throughout the day on Monday.

Michelle Stoddart, Managing Editor

Inclement weather has led to the closure of the Lovejoy ISD on Monday, March 3. However, this day may have to be made up at some point later in the year.

After a Sunday of sleeting and below freezing temperatures, the road and parking lot conditions were deemed too dangerous by district superintendent Ted Moore.

“The road and parking lots [were] already very dangerous, and the low overnight temperatures [guaranteed] no improvement,” Moore said.

While many students are excited by the cancellation, the feeling may melt away if the missed day has to be made up.

“We will have to consult the Texas Education Agency [to decide whether or not a makeup day is necessary],” Moore said. “We will have to meet and look at our options for make up days, and make a decision at a later time.”

For more information about how the district determines bad weather days, click here.