14 Days of Love

14 Days of Love

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, The Red Ledger will be featuring a couple per day to talk about how they met and the milestones in their relationship.

February 1: Emmaline Stockton and Chase Tucker

February 2: Alexis Breazeale and Ryan Block

February 3: Kassidy Cox and Tim Rekieta

February 4: Liz Schasel and Michael Grube

February 5: Julia Carder and Grant Jarvis

February 6: Emma LeGare and Noah Mena

February 7: Maggie Compton and Mac Metzler

February 8: Stephanie Thomson and Connor Cross

February 9: Morgan Garrett and Jak Barth

February 10: Jessica Parrott and Sam Wortham

February 11: Natalie Frauenheim and Steven Prudhomme

February 12: Tammy and Ray Cooper

February 13: Rachel Willmann and Alex Helsley

February 14: Jessica Goodrich and Mark Scott

February 15: The Day After