Lifting with power


Jessica Parrott

Junior Sam Wortham lifts at a powerlifting meet

Kevin Davis, Staff Reporter

Due to today’s inclement weather, today’s powerlifting meet has been canceled. 

Football season has been over for months, but the majority of players are getting ready for next year by participating in powerlifting.

“Coaches encourage us to do powerlifting because it helps us get ready for the next season,” sophomore Kitrell Phillips said. “When you lift weights you get more power in football that helps you break tackles and run away from people.”

One of the school’s newer sports, powerlifting consists of three different lifts: bench press, squat, and deadlift with each athlete get three chances to lift the largest weight possible.

“My favorite lift is dead lift, because it is least restricting in terms of movement.” sophomore Collin Boyd said.

The common goal for most of the powerlifters is to get stronger. But for junior Jake Baumert, it’s about doing everything possible to develop into the best football player possible.

“Powerlifting during the offseason really helps you develop your muscles, get you a lot stronger, and help you get used to the heavy weight,” Baumart said. “When it comes down to helping you with football, powerlifting helps you push around people more and become all around better.”