Lights turned back on for pep rally


Michael Berman

The cheerleaders performed a routine with masks for the 2011 black-light pep rally. The routine was enhanced by the black-light effects.

Lauren Payne, Staff Reporter

The annual Black Light pep rally is an event long awaited by some, but that wait just got longer. Previously planned for Friday, February 7, the pep rally has been rescheduled for a later date to be announced.

“We had to change our date, it hasn’t been canceled, it’s just delayed or postponed until our April pep rally date,” assistant principal Kristen Kinnard said. “The reason is that we are having some negotiations with the company that we actually rent our blacklights from and the negotiations have just taken longer in terms of the business aspect of things. We just decided that we would be better off if it was postponed for April to do the blacklight pep rally and to do a normal one this Friday.”

Despite the lack of black lights and people glowing in dark, the pep rally will go on.

“It is [going to be normal], but it’s going to be a good pep rally,” Kinnard said. “We do have some things with Relay for Life, and always the “Master of Ceremonies” Coach [Ryan] Cox. We never know what he’s up to. So, there are a few little things in there that’ll make it a little more fun and entertaining than just a normal pep rally, [and] it will still be an energetic event that we hope everybody enjoys!”