Just short of freezing


Ben Prengler

Freshman Ben Buhse leaves his legs subject to the elements by wearing shorts in the below-freezing weather.

Kevin Davis, Staff Reporter

With the weather hovering just above freezing for the third straight day, most people on campus are wearing pants and long sleeves. However, that is not the case for some. A large number of boys at the school have chosen to dress like it is 75 degrees outside.

“I wore shorts outside, and my mom said it’s very cold outside so I said okay, so I went upstairs to change into pajama pants,” junior Mario Sinacola said. “If it’s like 10 below I will wear some sort of pants, but if it’s reasonably warm-ish, I will wear shorts. If I can see the sun, I will wear shorts.”

Many people believe that minimal clothing in cold weather will cause one to catch a cold. However, that is a common misunderstanding. The only way to catch a cold is though germs with somebody being cold having nothing to do with a person getting sick.

“I am wearing a short sleeved shirt and shorts, because it its comfortable.” sophomore Jake Mayfield said “I also don’t have many long sleeved shirts. School is also inside, not outside.”

Temperatures are expected to climb to the high 60’s by Friday, followed by the return of cold weather and the possibility of snow Wednesday, Feb. 5.